Our Mission:

To inspire people to give in creative ways.

About Us

Chai for Charity’s mission is to inspire people to give in creative ways. Our three goals are to: 1) gather private donors eager to invest in their community, 2) draw awareness to local nonprofit efforts working to advocate, support and empower the underserved, and 3) expand the way we think about giving to include: money, goods, time and talent.

The last goal is what makes us unique. We are committed to making sure that donors of varied socioeconomic backgrounds and generations feel like they can give in meaningful ways; for instance, 20-year-old me had lots of time, but no money or talent, and 40-year-old me has some money and talent, but no time. The Chai model invites donors to give in any way that honors where they are in life.

Another thing that makes us unique is that we customize each Chai to the interests of the host and guests; for instance, we work with each host to identify causes they are passionate about and then curate a list of local charities to highlight at a given Chai.


Why Chai?

Chai is ritual.

It spans generations and continues to be a family tradition of connecting over chai. Our founder - Natasha’s - father created a morning ritual for her three sons that involves dunking biscuits into chai. Not a morning has passed that these two generations haven’t started their day with “tea and biscuits”.

Chai is an institution in our family.

Natasha’s grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins thrive on chai. Her earliest memories include a morning that begins with chai and an afternoon that lingers over chai.

Chai is comfort.

Tea warms the body and soul. It has been an integral part of her life and continues to nourish her through adulthood.

I think it’s amazing and exactly for me. I want to do good in the world, but I feel so clueless as to how and have impact, so showing me charities that have been vetted, I get to hear from in a fun, relaxed environment is pretty much ideal.
— Chai Guest | San Francisco, CA