Kind Words

What a great group of women and a well-organized event! All the details were on-point (the wish wall, the tokens, the decorations) and it was a great way (as someone new to Boulder) to learn about some great local charities.
— Chai Guest | Lafayette, CO

I think it’s amazing and exactly for me. I want to do good in the world, but I feel so clueless as to how and have impact, so showing me charities that have been vetted, I get to hear from in a fun, relaxed environment is pretty much ideal.
— Chai Guest | San Francisco, CA

The format itself is brilliant. It’s a great balance of structure and flexibility to mingle. I think it totally hits the sweet spot where magical connections happen.
— Chai Guest | Lafayette, CO

There is such a positive, female-focused energy at the Chai’s I have attended. I get to meet folks from all across the area, and get to know nonprofits (that have been vetted!) serving my neighbors. everyone is friendly and excited to be there.
— Nicole F. | Belmont, CA